Over recent decades, academia has amassed significant amounts of data and evidence on the effects of nurturing on the physical, emotional, and social development of infants.

We use these data and evidence in our work.

Typically, this information is not easily accessible to most new parents. That is why KidCareCanada exists! We “translate knowledge”. Our videos and ABC’s book, available on this site, take current research and “translate” it into accessible language and visuals that parents can use in their own time and as often as they like. In this way the research generated contributes to the well-being of infants and children.

This page is particularly helpful for health and educational professionals. You will find original research by KidCareCanada and bibliographies we use.



Research by KidCareCanada

“Bath Time” DVD – Pilot Study

Link to PDF Version: Research Project – Bath Time DVD

KidCareCanada Society Bibliography

KidCareCanada resources are informed by science. These are some of the research studies that inform our work.

PDF Version: link to PDF KidCareCanada Bibliography


Research by Others

This PDF  takes you to an excellent article by Professor Adele Diamond, The Evidence Base for Improving School Outcomes by Addressing the Whole Child and by Addressing Skills and Attitudes, Not Just Content

PDF Version: Link to The evidencebaseforimproving.pdf


Below you will find collections of recent research organized by HELP – Human Early Learning Partnership (based at the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia) — and we thank them for allowing us to share their work here.

Human Development Research Review, December, 2018

Human Development Research Review, November, 2018

Human Development Research Review, October, 2018

Human Development Research Review, September, 2018 

Human Development Research Review, August, 2018

Human Development Research Review, July 2018

Human Development Research Review, June, 2018