ABC’s For New Parents

Welcome to our “ABC’s For New Parents” resource book. It is the manual you have been looking for to raise your child, right from the start, to be socially and emotionally healthy. The impact can last a lifetime! This book makes a great gift for new parents.


ABC’s for New Parents THE BOOK

ABC’s for New Parents


This trustworthy and appealing guidebook is for all parents and caregivers, and for those who support them. Topics are organized A-Z. Each page contains links to videos or websites supporting the nurturing parenting ideas found under each alphabetical topic. The format resembles a children’s storybook, with beautiful images. Our feedback confirms that babies LOVE this book. It’s a great way to introduce books to babies. You can use it to tell stories about the babies they see in the book.


Author: Estelle Paget
Number of Pages: 84

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The whimsical animals associated with each alphabetical letter, the appealing images and the colourful page presentation entice the reader to read the book again and again, with or without a baby or toddler on their lap.


New moms and their beautiful babies, as well as Dr. Dee Hoyano and Estelle Paget, introduce the “ABC’s for New Parents” book. The development was a collaboration between KidCareCanada, the BC Ministry of Health and the Vancouver Island Health Authority. Check out our “Parenting Advice in Under 1 Minute” playlist to see mini videos about the book.