What Babies Teach Us


These resources are now owned and operated by Child Health BC who is making them freely available to parents, caregivers, families and anyone supporting healthy child development in the early years.

A New Baby is Like a Zen Master

 Babies test us and challenge us to listen deeply to what their true needs are. They teach us what we need to do to provide for a healthy relationship.

Mindful Parenting is an Adventure in Finding Out Who We Are and Who Our Baby Is

 Babies often reflect our characteristics and show us things about ourselves that we didn’t know. Our love for them can be expressed though touch, sound, gaze and motions. Mindful parenting happens when we, like our baby, are fully present and don’t allow anxiety to suppress our joy. You may call on others for information but it’s important to also trust your instincts.


Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn