Build a Loving Environment


These resources are now owned and operated by Child Health BC who is making them freely available to parents, caregivers, families and anyone supporting healthy child development in the early years.

Why Is Family Harmony Important?

A stressful environment can have severe consequences on health and behavior. Children’s best chance to thrive requires protection from stress so they can know the world is loving and kind.

This video acknowledges that “raising children is tough” and provides key advice for mothers and families on ways to protect our children from stress. Focusing on kindness and loving relationships within the family and the extended family protects children with lifelong beneficial consequences for their mental and physical health.

Research Informs What Parents Can Do to Help Babies Feel Emotionally Safe

Biology reminds us that, like all mammals, we need strong attachment. Mothers and families play an important role and need to protect children from ongoing stress as much as possible.



Dr. Moshe Szyf