Support for Postpartum Depression – Shaw TV Victoria


These resources are now owned and operated by Child Health BC who is making them freely available to parents, caregivers, families and anyone supporting healthy child development in the early years.

A Mother Describes her Anxiety and Postpartum Depression Symptoms

In this upbeat video the mother of a 19 months old toddler describes her journey from recognizing that she had anxiety and postpartum depression to the steps she took to treat these conditions. These include participating in a support group and taking antidepressant medication.

KidCareCanada is Creating a New Video to Address the Issues of Perinatal and Postpartum Depression

Since this video was recorded KidCareCanada has developed a comprehensive series of videos. Check out our playlist on Postpartum Depression.


Jen Muranetz, Deanna Hildig, Estelle Paget