Talk Show: What is Nurturing and How to Do It


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Practical Advise on How to Connect With Baby

If expecting and new parents can watch only one video, this talk show, with pediatrician, father and grandfather, Dr. Andrew Macnab, will provide them with the essential information they need to nurture their child and set their child on the path for lifelong healthy social and emotional development!

Nurturing is VITAL for infants and the relationship between parent and child and Dr. Macnab explains why – and how to do it!

Using everyday language, Dr. Macnab explains early brain development, critical windows in a baby’s development and the crucial importance of talking and singing to a baby, even before birth — and especially as soon as a child is born. He explains why skin-to-skin touch is good for both parents and baby, and why looking into your baby’s eyes contributes to your baby’s healthy development.

Pediatrician Provides Nurturing Strategies for Social and Emotional Development

Many parents believe babies don’t “respond” until they start to smile.  Dr. Andrew Macnab explains that babies respond right from the beginning of life and describes how parents can see these responses, long before their baby smiles. His insights will help all parents understand what he calls the “intense value” of nurturing and how parents and caregivers can stimulate and nurture their baby with talking, touch, laughing and songs.



Dr. Andrew Macnab, Estelle Paget