Love is not Enough


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Your Own Happiness is a Gift to Your Child

Parents may need to put their life goals on hold and look after their own emotional needs so that they can create an environment where their child is connected and secure. Babies are not blank slates but rather, born with tremendous potential for self-realization.  Or self-negation.  Parents may need to deal with their own stress and seek support as needed.

Attachment Patterns have a Multigenerational Aspect

When parents focus on the comfort, security and happiness of their young child, the child benefits and so do future generations.  The human brain develops, not only according to genetics, but largely in response to input from the environment.  In other words, a baby’s capacity for intimate relationships, connection, self-regulation, attention and stress regulation are directly shaped by the emotional availability of the parents. During the critical first three months the right conditions need to be met for healthy brain development. Babies need caregivers who are non-stressed, non-depressed, emotionally available and consistently available.  Babies and toddlers need a safe and low-stress environment.


Dr. Gabor Maté