Talk Show: The Gift of the Gab


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Help Baby Learn to Talk

“Responsive and language-rich interactions are key to language development”, says Registered Speech-Language Pathologist, Caitlin Bittman. In this Talk Show she shows what that looks like and how to do it. All parents can learn to engage their children, aged 0 to school-age, in rich, high-quality interactions. It’s free and it’s fun!

Why is language development so important for a child? Research shows that children who hear fewer words as infants and toddlers tend to have poorer vocabularies and lower academic achievement in later years. Ms. Bittman speaks passionately about the potential of technology to create barriers that get in the way of quality parent-child interactions. Step Away From The Screen 🙂 and help children connect with people and learn about the world.

Speech Language Pathologist Explains Language Development Milestones and Speech Delays

Do you wonder about typical language development milestones or if your child has a language delay? What is a “word” when speaking about infants and toddlers? Ms. Bittman describes activities parents can engage in with their children to figure out if there is a language delay. She shows what counts as a word in young children’s speech and provides helpful scenarios so that parents/caregivers can judge if they need to ask for a referral to a speech-language pathologist. If parents have concerns they should ask for a referral. Parents are most often right.

Click here for additional comments from Caitlin Bittman, Speech Language Pathologist.


Caitlin Bittman, Estelle Paget