Born to Communicate: Parents are Baby’s First Teacher


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Communication between Babies and Caregivers Starts at the Beginning of Life

Birth is an enormous transition for your baby. During their time in the womb, all of baby’s needs are met, without asking. Once babies are born, they must communicate and express their needs in order to have them met by their caregivers.

What can you do to Prepare Your Baby for Language Development?

Babies have heard language since before they were born and they are ready to learn. In the presence of language, babies explore their world in more detail. Talk to babies and mimic their sounds. Take turns in conversation and practice serve-and-return. Sing and read to babies. Parents are role models, and even parents who cannot read can share books with their babies to encourage a love of reading that will last throughout life.


Dr. Carolyn Steinberg, Dr. Thomas Boyce, Dr. Janet Werker, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr. Andrew Macnab