Video Specific Questions

Questions help you discuss the main points of each video.
Questions are a powerful tool that can help you address main points of the KidCareCanada videos.
These documents are video-specific sets of questions, categorized to match our recommended teaching framework of:
  • Previous Learning
  • Application
  • Reflection
We have developed questions for the complete “Born to Communicate” series of five videos. These questions are available below.
  1. The title of each set (e.g. “How do Babies Learn Language) links you to a page where you can access the video itself
  2. The first document in each set is “questions only”. These are documents you might choose to hand out to your session participants.
  3. The second document in each set (labeled Q and A) includes the suggested questions along with potential answers and some guidelines for using the questions in a session.


Video Specific Discussion Questions for each of the videos in our “Born to Communicate” series (links below to each video, and to the relevant video discussion questions):

How do Babies Learn Language


Parents are Baby’s First Teachers


Babies can Manage more than One Language