Postpartum Depression: Not the Baby Blues


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New Mothers Need Support

Most mothers experience some levels of sadness and anxiety following a pregnancy. This state, often called the baby blues, can last up to two weeks and is completely normal. However, if a mother experiences overwhelming emotions of sadness and mood swings beyond the first few weeks, it might signify an evolving postpartum depression which requires treatment.

Seek Help if You Experience Anxiety or Depression During Pregnancy or Afterwards

Postpartum depression is not necessarily a continuation of the baby blues and may begin at a much later time. Perinatal depression occurs during the pregnancy. In any of those cases, mothers and particularly first time mothers, require caring support from the people around them.


Dr. Stefanie Green, Dr. Michal Regev, Dr. Enid Elliot, Dr. Deirdre Ryan, Psychiatrist, Dr. Carolyn Steinberg