Parent-Infant Relationship and Psychiatric Services


These resources are now owned and operated by Child Health BC who is making them freely available to parents, caregivers, families and anyone supporting healthy child development in the early years.

Seek Assistance if you Feel Something is Wrong with your Relationship with your Baby

If a parent is struggling during pregnancy or in their relationship with their baby, there is a wide range of services available. Sometimes cultural norms make parents feel reluctant to seek psychiatric help because they assume psychiatric services are only for extreme cases. Canada offers service that apply to people who are basically functioning well but desire help with interpersonal difficulties through to those with significant mental health concerns.

There is no Blame or Shame in Taking the Steps to Help Your Child’s Development

Treatment usually involves observing the parent-infant interactions and helping the parent understand what kind of behavioural feedback they can expect from their babies. If parents choose to refer to online resources for help, it is important that they consult reliable organizations only.


Dr. Carolyn Steinberg