ABC’s for New Parents – Parenting Manual


These resources are now owned and operated by Child Health BC who is making them freely available to parents, caregivers, families and anyone supporting healthy child development in the early years.

A-Z Parenting Tips

New moms and experts including lead author, Estelle Paget, are featured in this video, providing valuable tips to new parents with regard to the social and emotional development of babies as found in the KidCareCanada book, “ABC’s for New Parents.”

The “ABC’s for New Parents” Book was developed collaboratively by KidCareCanada Society with representatives from government, various health authorities, Indigenous and other Early Childhood experts, health providers, researchers, practitioners and educators. It is showcased in this Shaw TV produced video.

For families, or anyone who provides care for young children, as Dr. Dee Hoyano, Medical Health Officer with Vancouver Island Health Authority, says, “It’s important to have resources ready and available when they need them.”

Reliable Source of Information for Parents

There has probably never been a time in the world where it has been more important to have people who are well-balanced, who know how to regulate their emotions, and who know how to be reflective – skills that are learned very early in life.

KidCareCanada wishes to express gratitude to Shaw TV South Vancouver Island and to everyone who participated in the filming of this video.


Dr. Dee Hoyano, Estelle Paget