Writings of Dr. Dan Siegel


Defining the Mind to Help Parents Help Children Develop Fully

Over the past twenty years Dr. Siegel has worked on developing a definition of the mind to help parents make sense of their lives so that they can help their children develop fully.

 The Interpersonal Neurobiology Framework

 With his colleague, Tina Bryson, Dr. Siegel has developed a framework he calls Interpersonal Neurobiology that synthesizes various scientific disciplines. In their book The Whole Brain Child, they describe how parents can bring integration into their interactions with their children. In this way they can help their children develop integrated brains. In an earlier book, Parenting From the Inside Out, Dr. Siegel provides a step-by-step process for parents to learn how to make sense of their lives. As he explains, they need to understand themselves in order to be good parents.


Dr. Dan Siegel