Talk Show: Protecting our Kids


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We Don’t Need to be Perfect Parents to Raise Healthy Kids

Children do need us to be present – to be intentionally with them, to listen to and help them and also to take care of our own needs. Complex external stressors and technological distractions can get in the way of our ability to be present. Physical health and safety issues must also be addressed. Creating a safe environment and teaching children to learn to use household items (such as knives) when appropriate for their age, provides peace of mind for the caregivers and a freedom to explore for the children, important for their healthy skill development.

Outdoor Play and Time in Nature is Important for Child Development and Risk Taking

Children need to learn how to take risks and how to moderate risks, to fall and get back up again and develop self-confidence. Outdoor play is an ideal environment where children can learn that the world is an interesting, challenging place, satisfying their curiosity. Parental passion for nature should be shared. Much of what children will try is based on their own readiness, for instance, infants will learn to sit and stand without being coached.


Estelle Paget, Dr. Dee Hoyano, Dr. Enid Elliot