Inspirational Quotes on Early Nurturing and its Lifelong Benefits


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Key Messages by Child Development Experts set to Lullaby

  1. Early Nurturing has lifelong-benefits for babies, families and society
    Dr. Thomas Boyce
  2. The first moments… days, weeks and months of a baby’s life can affect a child’s physical and mental health and happiness for a life time
    Dr. Tim Oberlander
  3. Early experiences shape the brain
    Dr. Thomas Boyce
  4. When we talk to and play with baby we promote learning and positive behaviour in childhood, and physical and emotional health in later life
    Dr. Andrew Macnab
  5. Early nurturing provides a foundation for social and emotional development
    Dr. Nils Bergman
  6. Babies learn language by listening and watching.  Our interactions from early in life can help launch them on the road to successful development
    Dr. Janet Werker
  7. Managing significant stress in the home will make nurturing easier
    Dr. Thomas Boyce
  8. Babies don’t need us to be perfect
    Dr. Carolyn Steinberg
  9. Babies need our smiles, our songs, our stories, our affectionate play and loving touch
    Dr. Adele Diamond
  10. Ensuring ALL infants have a good start in life is one of the best investments society can make
    Human Early Learning Partnership

Quotes that Capture the Importance of Early Nurturing