“KidCareCanada is now one of the most effective organizations for parents and other caregivers operating in BC today.

With the focus on the social and emotional foundations of child development, KidCareCanada has honed in on the most important facets that parents can influence, as it is social and emotional well-being that best ensure a child’s success in not only their interpersonal, but also their educational experiences.

In other words, through KidCareCanada, Estelle Paget has achieved her goal of translating original research into an accessible form that parents and other caregivers use, and in so doing, has made a difference in the lives and futures of young children.

The work of this small but powerful organization provides parents and other caregivers with the tools and the confidence they need to better ensure the optimal development of young children. ”

Dr. Janet Werker
FRSC, Professor and Canada Research Chair,
Department of Psychology UBC, Director of the Infant Studies Program
Recipient of the SSHRC Gold Medal, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council highest research honour.



“KidCare Canada, under Estelle Paget’s excellent leadership, has been an innovator in evidence-based knowledge mobilization on early childhood development.

In all the videos from KidCare Canada, it is evident how much Estelle cares about multiple perspectives with videos highlighting children, interviews with parents, practitioners and researchers, beautifully complimented with observational clips of early childcare settings at home – everyone has a voice including the child, and that is brought out beautifully by KidCare Canada.

I can attest to the great impact that these videos have in advancing best practices as well as spurring new research ideas.

Estelle … has a passion for understanding early childhood development and a drive to bring that knowledge to each and every individual in the community. She deeply cares about every child, about every child’s home, and about every child’s broader community. She works hard to bring knowledge about early childhood at virtually no cost to community stakeholders.”

Padmapriya Kandhadai
Researcher and Instructor, University of British Columbia



“This idea of quality, research backed information, presented in an easy to absorb format and available to all seemed too good to be true.

These videos promote both social and emotional development of newborns and do not preach, but TEACH how this can happen with small, practical ideas for all new parents. Many videos also validate the range of emotions and challenges of new parenthood and provide resources for those in need of extra support.

… I am even more hopeful that … the day will arrive when every public health nurse in the province of BC will be able to promote this outstanding work for their clients, that health care providers from doulas to doctors will know the name KidCareCanada and use this body of innovative work as a resource for themselves, their students and their patients.”

Dr. Stefanie Green
Maternity Physician



“KidCareCanada has found a way, backed up by the research, to help parents from all backgrounds learn WHY early nurture is important, and HOW to do it!

They manage to entice some of the world’s leaders in early childhood research and practice to share their knowledge in language that appeals to parents, caregivers and the professionals who support them.

KidCareCanada produces high quality, accessible, culturally respectful and trustworthy videos that are a delight to watch.

Every childcare provider would benefit by having, at their fingertips, the current research on infant and child development. These videos provide an excellent tool for Early Childhood Educators.”

Indira Samarasekera, O.C.
President Emerita, University of Alberta



“What makes these videos so innovative is that they are based on current theory. So very much of parenting information available online is merely personal experience and not validated by good research. In addition, much of the parenting information [available online] is biased by the promoters’ financial gains.”

Dr. Carolyn Steinberg
MD, FRCPC, Clinical Associate Professor UBC,
Medical Leader, Richmond Hospital, Early Childhood Mental Health Program



“Not only is the information in the videos they produce informative, it is also visually stimulating and a great way to get honest, dependable tips on everyday parenting. It is one-stop shopping for new parents and seasoned parents alike — leading to healthier and happier babies.

The more I view KidCareCanada resources, the more I believe they would be of value to every child care provider.

These resources have the potential to improve the quality of child care for every child in the province.

As I am of First Nations descent, Estelle was excited to have me vet the content of their programming before it went public, something that is very admirable of her to do. She was very sensitive about not being offensive in any way to new parents, especially those who identify as being Indigenous.”

Kristina Verruyt
Legislative Bureau Chief, Shaw TV, Indigenous Advisor



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