Thanking Dr. Carolyn Steinberg

Dr. Carolyn Steinberg copy.jpeg

Dr. Carolyn Steinberg, MSC, MD, FRCPC, appears in many KIDCARECANADA videos and over the years she has generously shared her deep understanding of the complexity of the child-raising experience. Through her words, our viewers learn more about the joys of having a baby and also about the challenges, especially when postpartum depression is present or the role brings unanticipated changes to mothers and fathers. Dr. Steinberg also explores the degree to which new babies understand more than the adults around them might realize.


Along with her roles as Clinical Associate Professor UBC, Medical Leader Infant Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Richmond Hospital, Department of Psychiatry Richmond Early Childhood Mental Health Program (and more) Dr. Steinberg has also been an advisor for KIDCARECANADA for the past two years. She also presented along with other KIDCARECANADA experts in the 2016 Early Years Conference at UBC where our topic was Facilitating Change One Family at a Time, With Multimedia.


Dr. Steinberg is now leaving her role with KIDCARECANADA, and we want to say a big Thank You for all that she contributed to us. Her legacy will live on in her videos.


You can see the videos here: