Shaw TV South Vancouver Island – video featuring ABCs for New Parents

We are delighted to share the news that Shaw TV South Vancouver Island has a new video on YouTube that showcases the "ABC's for New Parents” book, which was developed through a collaboration between the Vancouver Island Health Authority and KIDCARECANADA.

New moms and expert professionals are featured in both the book and the SHAWTV video, providing valuable tips to new parents with regard to the social and emotional development of babies.

The link to the video is here:

For families, or anyone who provides care for young children, as Dr. Dee Hoyano, Medical Health Officer with Vancouver Island Health Authority, says ”it’s important to have resources ready and available for them when they need them.”

"ABC's for New Parents” is freely available online at and for people in the greater Victoria area, hard copies of the book are also in the library system or for purchase at either Munro's or Tanner Books.

KIDCARECANADA wishes to express gratitude to SHAW TV South Vancouver Island and to everyone who participated in the filming of this video. There has probably never been a time in the world where it has been more important to have people who are well-balanced, who know how to regulate their emotions, and who know how to be reflective – skills that are learned very early in life.