Recent board changes – our thanks and celebration!

Carl Nilsen, Heather McQueen, Helen Burt

Carl Nilsen has stepped down as president of the KidCareCanada Society Board of Directors to re-join the ranks as a director on the board. The board was unanimous in thanking Carl for his “gracious, thoughtful and consistently high-level leadership” since the inception of KidCareCanada.

The board then unanimously voted in Heather McQueen as president and Dr. Helen Burt as vice-president. Heather moves seamlessly into this role from her previous role as vice-president and Helen into hers from her role as director.

Mary Ann Cummings and Kevin Koch remain board secretary and treasurer respectively.


These changes in governance sparked a more general discussion about roles and responsibilities and the work of the board. The board spoke movingly about the work KidCareCanada has achieved since it incorporated in July 2010 and became a registered charity in March 2011. Board members highlighted the contributions of current and previous directors and spontaneously spoke of the satisfaction and enjoyment they experience being part of a board where open dialogue and diversity are valued, along with respect and courtesy. And where so much is accomplished!