Communities of Support

KidCareCanada’s Estelle Paget at Moms’ Group…

A magical thing happens when an expectant mom, moms and babies and supportive leaders get together to share stories – they create community! This magic happens thanks to the good work of the Boys and Girls Clubs and their West Shore Moms’ Group. It was a privilege — and fun – for KidCareCanada’s executive director, Estelle Paget, to hang out with this community on Tuesday, to hear their stories and share information about social and emotional development. Estelle was thrilled and honoured when one of the moms asked Estelle to hold her baby. Thanks to all the moms and expectant mom, to leaders Kathleen, Gaby and Chelsea for the warm welcome, and to dental hygienist Dee who also helped to create the relaxed learning environment where babies were thriving under the attentive care of their moms.


We have a playlist Family and Community, that supports Social and Emotional development through sharing ideas: