A thank you is in order!

KidCareCanada is grateful and honoured to have been chosen by the Soon Family Fund as recipients of their generous and thoughtful donation. We especially want to thank Mr. Randy Soon (of ZLC Financial) who, with his family, has taken efforts to learn that our focus at KidCareCanada is social and emotional health. Thank you also to the Vancouver Foundation!

This donation comes at a particularly helpful time. With a grant from the Victoria Foundation we are writing a little book that will once again show families ways they can build their child’s social and emotional health by encouraging language development. The grant covers about one-half of our costs. Mr. Soon’s timely donation will contribute directly to something tangible that he will be able to see and that will help thousands of families. Thank you!

In our work at KidCareCanada we strive to give ALL parents the tools they need to raise their children to be socially and emotionally healthy so that these children can grow to be resilient, happy, healthy and productive citizens. Of course it is much more complicated than that as many of the parents we try to reach did not benefit from positive early childhoods when they were little, and emotional health is intergenerational. Genetics and other factors also play a role. However, we now have stories of young people who have been able to change the early childhoods of their children through our work.

We offer our thanks again to Mr. Randy Soon, the Soon Family Fund and the Vancouver Foundation.  And we look forward to sharing our new ABC’s book on social and emotional health through language development, early in 2020.