A New Beginning

Estelle in centre, Ruthild lower left, Elizabeth left, Alisa, top right

We love stories with happy endings! And we have a happy ending to share with you!

In fact, it is not exactly an ending … but a new beginning.

KidCareCanada Society is winding down. However, our resources are living on, in a wonderful new home with Child Health BC  https://www.childhealthbc.ca/ 

You may be familiar with Child Health BC because of their program, “Appetite to Play” that we often promote. Or maybe you know of them because of the BC Healthy Child Development Alliance (BCHCDA). For many years KidCareCanada has been connected to Child Health BC through the Alliance, a remarkable coalition made up of organizations from all sectors of society — education, health, research, government, Indigenous, social and the community – all focused on healthy child development.

Now we are making it official. KidCareCanada resources will be owned and operated by Child Health BC, and we couldn’t be happier.

The whole team at KidCareCanada thanks you for your support over the years and wishes you and Child Health BC ongoing success as you continue to improve the physical, mental and social-emotional health of young children.