Dr. Stefanie Green, MD

Dr. Stefanie Green is a physician who has played various critical roles in health care in Canada. For many years, beginning in 1996, she provided full-spectrum and maternity care to patients and taught medical students and residents. She ran her own family practice in Montreal, Toronto and Victoria.

In Toronto, Dr. Green’s practice had a large focus on women’s health and maternity care within the context of a diverse, multi-cultural inner-city population.

In 1999 Dr. Green became the head of the Department of Family Medicine’s Obstetric Group at St. Michael’s Hospital, the largest family medicine training program in Canada.

While in Toronto she also gave birth to her two children.

In Victoria, BC, Dr. Green first practised family medicine and maternity care. She started the Quintessence Maternity Group and then re-focused her practice solely on maternity care.

KidCareCanada has benefited greatly from Dr. Green’s teaching talent, professionalism and patient-centred approach. She donated many hours to participate in KidCareCanada videos where she provides valuable expertise to expecting and new parents.  Up until 2019 Dr. Green has been an Honourary Member of KidCareCanada.

Today, Dr. Green’s focus has changed to  Medical Assistance in Dying, We feel fortunate that we were able to capture some of Dr. Green’s expertise before she made this change in direction. We know that Dr. Green will devote the same professionalism and patient-centred approach to her new role.