Dr. Nils Bergman, MD, MB ChB, MA

Dr. Bergman is one of the founders of the Kangaroo Mother Care movement. He practices in Cape Town South Africa where he focuses on promoting and researching the use of skin-to-skin contact from birth, and on developing a better understanding of the neuroscience of birth, skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, bonding and secure attachment.

An early contributor to KidCareCanada, Dr. Bergman explains, in the videos on this site, how early nurturing promotes social and emotional intelligence, and why social and emotional health is essential for human health and happiness. “We are nothing without our relationships”. Infants who are well-nurtured have a greater chance of becoming socially and emotionally healthy and able to form and maintain relationships.

A valued friend to KidCareCanada, Dr. Bergman and our lead pediatrician, Dr. Andrew Macnab, have connected in person in S. Africa.