Dr. Gabor Maté, MD

We are fortunate that Dr. Gabor Maté is only a click away when we need advice! Dr. Maté is an Advisor to KidCareCanada. His expertise, knowledge and compassion are evident in the series of videos featuring him and located on this site. These videos are viewed by many tens of thousands of families who learn from them the impact of the early years on the life course.

Today, Dr. Maté is a published author and much-in-demand international speaker. He is recognized in Canada and around the world for his expertise in childhood development, stress and trauma. He writes and speaks of the impact of early adversity on physical and mental illnesses, including addictions, later in life.  Dr. Maté’s vast experience as a medical doctor, over many years and in many contexts, has informed his work, along with his in-depth analyses of the research.

Introducing Dr. Gabor Maté:

It is clear from Dr. Maté’s writings, interviews and talks that he is an educator. “The human brain develops, not only according to genetics, but largely in response to input from the environment”, explains Dr. Maté. When babies are connected and secure they can grow to reach their potential. It is up to parents and caregivers to deal with their own stress and seek support so that they can be emotionally and consistently available to their infant.