Dr. Carolyn Steinberg, MSC, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Carolyn Steinberg holds a doctorate in Medicine from the University of Toronto and has been a specialist in Psychiatry for 20 years. Dr. Steinberg specializes in Infant, Pre-school, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and also treats adults. An award-winning teacher of medical students and residents at UBC, Dr. Steinberg’s teaching expertise, vast experience and compassionate approach shine through in the videos she made with KidCareCanada.

Parents who watch our KidCareCanada videos with Dr. Steinberg will feel supported through pregnancy, the early days of their child’s life and gain a new understanding of the changing roles of partners when they become parents. Dr. Steinberg helps viewers understand the complexities behind their behaviours and emotional states. Using easy-to-understand language and examples, she explains anxiety, panic attacks and more.

For many years Dr. Steinberg was the Medical Leader for Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Richmond Hospital, BC, in the Department of Psychiatry, Richmond Early Childhood Mental Health Program.

Today, Dr. Steinberg continues to specialize in early childhood emotional and behaviour intervention. She also offers child and adult psychoanalysis and adult psychotherapy.

Through her face-to-face work, Dr. Steinberg has helped hundreds of families struggling to attach to their baby, understand their child’s behaviour and why they parent the way they do. Through the KidCareCanada videos, Dr. Steinberg reaches thousands of families and we thank her for her commitment and generosity.