Dr. Andrew Macnab, MD, (London) MRCS LRCP (UK) FRCPC

Quite simply, KidCareCanada would not exist without Dr. Andrew Macnab, an early collaborator in the concept for KidCareCanada and our lead pediatrician.

Dr. Macnab is a “Renaissance Man”. His breadth of knowledge and achievements are recognized by colleagues in Canada and in many countries around the world.

Dr. Macnab is a pediatrician, a scientist, a neonatologist, an international lecturer, a Distinguished Scholar, a Fellow, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, a Fellow, Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, a medical inventor and an innovative educator in Canada and internationally. And this is only touching the surface of his achievements!

Dr. Macnab is also a renowned researcher in child health. His scholarly articles are cited frequently and included in manuals of pediatric care.

Introducing Dr. Andrew Macnab:

A keen observer and problem-solver, Dr. Macnab recognizes issues and then sets about solving them. For example, prior to 1990, unacceptable numbers of young children and infants were dying in BC during transport from small hospitals to larger centres. Dr. Macnab developed a special curriculum for paramedics in The British Columbia Pediatric Transport Program – air ambulance – and then trained them to use a systematic problem-solving approach that included continuous monitoring of young patients while in transit. As a result, there was a five-fold reduction in mortality.

For many years Dr. Macnab led the education of future Pediatricians at BC Children’s Hospital and the University of British Columbia where he was also a full Professor.

Dr. Macnab has changed the life course of thousands here in Canada, in Africa and elsewhere. In Uganda he has created innovative anti-malarial programs working with schools. He has even built a new school to promote the education of girls in rural Uganda where traditionally, girls were not sent to school.

As a member of the KidCareCanada Board of Directors, since its inception, Dr. Macnab has donated thousands of volunteer hours. With fellow board members and the executive director, he actively shapes the direction of KidCareCanada. He appears in many videos, explaining, with warmth and humour, how to hold an infant safely, the basics of nurturing and the science behind it. He is “Dr. KidCareCanada”.