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Post date: Wed, 08/15/2018 - 12:21

Our goal is to share key messages for healthy development.  This week, our expert advisor,  Dr. Andrew Macnab (pediatrician) is featured on: “Conversations with KIDCARECANADA” on Shaw TV.Here are the times when you can watch the series:Mondays – 9am, 7pm
Tuesdays – 11am
Wednesdays – 8:30am, 5:30pm
Thursdays – 6:30am
Fridays – 7:30am, 6pm
Saturdays – 8am, 5:30pm
Sundays – 10:30am, 5pmThank you to the experts in child development who are participating, & to @ShawTV_SVIShaw TV South Vancouver Island (Channel 4)

Post date: Mon, 07/09/2018 - 11:45

Today is the start of Season Two: “Conversations with KIDCARECANADA.”

Registered Speech and Language Pathologist, Caitlin Bittman, is featured in the first episode - called “Gift of the Gab”

Mondays – 9am, 7pm
Tuesdays – 11am
Wednesdays – 8:30am, 5:30pm
Thursdays – 6:30am
Fridays – 7:30am, 6pm
Saturdays – 8am, 5:30pm
Sundays – 10:30am, 5pm

Caitlan has written a follow-up article that you’ll want to read including great information about what can all parents do to support Healthy Language Development, when to seek out a referral to a... read more

Post date: Thu, 07/05/2018 - 08:30




The new series of "Conversations with KIDCARECANADA will begin airing on Shaw TV South Vancouver Island (Channel 4 - as follows, starting on July 9th.
Mondays – 9am, 7pm
Tuesdays – 11am
Wednesdays – 8:30am, 5:30pm
Thursdays – 6:30am
Fridays – 7:30am, 6pm
Saturdays – 8am, 5:30pm
Sundays – 10:30am, 5pm
Please note, this may alter week by week if there are LIVE or special events that bump an airing or two.

For the series, we worked with some wonderful guests,... read more

Post date: Tue, 06/19/2018 - 09:30

You can now order "ABC's For New Parents"  in print format via Crown Publications

Here's what they say:


The gentle supportive tone of the “ABC’s for New Parents” book enables ALL new parents to acquire many tips and strategies they can use on their parenting journey, and trustworthy information health professionals and educators can use when supporting families. Each letter of the alphabet relates to an important aspect of early nurturing, key to healthy social and emotional development. Each page includes a QR code that links to relevant videos or additional... read more

Post date: Fri, 06/08/2018 - 13:03

Exciting News! KIDCARECANADA founder/Executive Director, Estelle Paget is shown here at the Shaw studio during the filming of a new series of "Conversations with KIDCARECANADA."

Yesterday we worked with some wonderful guests, like Registered Speech and Language Pathologist, Caitlin Bittman, and pediatrician, Dr. Andrew Macnab. More guests are on the schedule for next week and the series will air soon.

We'll be sharing additional information over the next few days and weeks.

We thank filmmaker Alisa Kerr (Hi-Def Productions) and Shaw Producer Ryan Spedding (@rspedding... read more

Post date: Thu, 06/07/2018 - 10:04

Our most recent annual report is now available on our "Annual Report" webpage.

Here is a quote:

"Currently, British Columbia has one of the highest rates of childhood vulnerability in Canada. The consequences affect our whole society. With early childhood colleagues we are working to reduce childhood vulnerability by empowering parents and professionals to promote mental and emotional health in children, right from the start of life.

We cannot do this alone. In 2018 we hope to build on the relationships we have developed... read more

Post date: Mon, 06/04/2018 - 14:34

If you wish to support the work we are doing at KIDCARECANADA, please know that every amount, no matter how small, is helpful!


Right now, CanadaHelps is running “the Great Canadian Giving Challenge”. Every dollar donated to KIDCARECANADA, using CanadaHelps, automatically earn us the chance to win $10,000. 

Simply make your donation online by using the donate button here

Kindly note: donations of $20 or more receive a charitable tax receipt.

Post date: Wed, 05/30/2018 - 07:52

Dr. Janet Werker, world-renowned for her work in language acquisition, held KIDCARECANADA members spellbound with her talk, “Language Acquisition Begins Long Before the First Word” at our May 27 Annual General Meeting. “Spoken language makes us human. It allows the level of complexity of ideas we can share.” From there, Dr. Werker explained what everyone can do to ensure optimal language acquisition and the benefits to each child of doing this. “Language acquisition begins really, really early!” stressed Dr. Werker. Even babies who cannot hear get the rhythmical characteristics of... read more

Post date: Tue, 05/01/2018 - 12:15

On May 3, at Government House in Victoria BC, the Lieutenant Governor of BC, Her Honour Janet Austin, along with the President of Leadership Victoria Society, Sarah Hood, the Executive Director of Community and Government Relations, University of Victoria, Alison Noble, and CEO of the Victoria Foundation, Sandra Richardson, will recognize 22 people who have made a positive impact in our community through their leadership.

Included on this list of “Inspiring Stories, Inspiring People”, is our very own KIDCARECANADA founder/Executive Director, Estelle Paget. She, and the other award... read more

Post date: Fri, 11/24/2017 - 17:07

We are delighted  to welcome Dr. Helen M. Burt as a new director on the board of KIDCARECANADA.

Dr. Burt is the Associate Vice-President Research & Innovation at the University of British Columbia. From 2016-2017, she served as the Vice-President Research pro tem.

Burt is a professor of drug delivery in the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and has held a number of positions over her 35-year career in academia, including UBC Senate, Associate Dean Research & Graduate Studies and Director of Research for Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. She is also a founding... read more


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